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2010 Acker Park Holiday Cards
2010 Acker Park Holiday Cards message

A Special New Year Moment
by Laura Flood

After a refreshing hike near Dearing Park and up through Highland Pines with my hiking buddy (Catahoula/Australian Shepherd pup named Champie), I saw the pink glow in my rearview mirror. I quickly pulled into the fire station at Highland Pines and began composing pictures of the majestic scene below. The sunset glow was beautiful over the “Butte” with chimney smoke drifting out over the dark ponderosa pines from a Thomas Kinkade-looking home below. It was a New Years’ gift from the creator I felt blessed to witness - so peaceful. It’s a thrill to represent the annual benefit for the Acker picture card and share our great nature and Forest wonder lands.

Now available, the 16th Annual Prescott holiday cards. 100% of proceeds go to support our goals. Buy a pack today!

Laura Flood submitted the winning photo of Prescott's iconic Thumb Butte at sunset on New Years day 2010 that was captured on a chance encounter after a hike with her canine companion. Card sets with message or blank are in stores now. Sets of 10 cards are being offered again at a discount price of $7 this year.

Participating merchants:

Adult Center of Prescott
New Frontiers Natural Foods
Manzanita Outdoor (Frontier Village)
Watters Nursery
Sharlot Hall Museum Store
The Worm Book Store
Prescott Chamber of Commerce
Granite Mountain Outfitters
Ian Russell Fine Art Gallery (Fire House Plaza)
Mortimer’s Nursery

This yearly holiday card fundraiser sales event continues to provide enhancements and supports activities and programs at this centrally located city open space park. With your purchases these many years, we have been able to raise over $30,000 by offering a unique product that has become a looked forward to Prescott tradition. We plan to use funds for road signage or banners to raise public awareness of the location of this hidden treasure of a park.

The Friends of Acker partner with Prescott Creeks Preservation Association this year. Proceeds will support PCPA’s on-going grant projects, while the Friends will use funds for a student art Mural at the park's restroom with the assistance of Prescott's Mural mice next spring. For those who have not discovered this scenic recreational area, the 80 acre open space park is located at the end of S. Virginia St.; just one block east of Mt. Vernon Avenue. There is a 1-mile scenic loop trail with interpretive plant identifications and incredible panoramic views of Prescott from hilltop vistas.

We thank the communities long time support of this fundraiser and invite you to discover Prescott's best kept secret, J.S. Acker Memorial Park.